Women Woven Together Exhibit

About The Exhibit

This exhibit features 59 curated images from our February 2021 Women Woven Together Open Call for Art offered by Musea : Intentional Creativity Museum.

We created this special call in honor of International Women’s Day and the convening of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) in March of 2021. Part of our mission at Musea is to give women an opportunity to express, through painting, their views and interpretations of “the status of women” and of our interconnectedness. This is a way to report on ourselves and be the ones creating the image of the Feminine we want to see in the world. This art call is the continuation of the work that our Curator, Shiloh Sophia, has been leading at The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) for the last 7 years. For her Inaugural show at the UNCSW in 2013, Sophia presented a global show of over 40 women artists displaying the healing art of women and demonstrating the powerful impact art can have post trauma.

This Open Call invited artists to submit images that powerfully express women being woven together through our self-expression, diversity, multiculturalism, courage, compassion, connection with the Earth and our awareness of each others’ experiences.

We had over 150 women submit their incredible paintings to our open call. Musea’s Art Call Jury had the privilege of witnessing each wonderful submission and chose 59 powerful images that were most evocative and emanated the theme.

We are honored to be presenting this collection of powerful images and uplifting the artists who created them.

For all women. Everywhere.
We see you. We are with you.
We are woven together.
And there is strength
in the weave.

Virtual Show

Museum Show


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Thank you for witnessing
the Women Woven Together Exhibit.

We invite you to leave your reflections in the Comments section below. 

Special thanks to: 

The Intentional Creativity Foundation

Shiloh Sophia, Curator – Women Woven Together Open Art Call developer

Amber Gould – Exhibit Site Design, Art Call and Curation

Maia Lemann – Virtual Show Design

The Musea Co-Curators – Art Call Jury

Jonathan McCloud, CEO – Technology Support

Jennifer Berezan – Song ‘She Carries Me’ played in Virtual Show


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