Letting Your Inner Light Shine

A Creativity Retreat with Uma Joy and Niccole Blaze

A unique collaboration of Intentional Creativity® - painting and music

Thursday, July 6 through Sunday, July 9

We’re connecting IN PERSON in Taos, New Mexico

No experience is required. Beginners and accomplished creatives are welcome!

We are so excited to combine our arts in a loving, powerful way in this beautiful setting of New Mexico

Playing with painting a New Mexico Sunset before arriving in Taos - by Uma Joy

Are you ready to recharge, refill your cup and brighten your feelings of life? If so, this retreat is for you. Shine On Dear One, there is beauty in the mountains of Taos and wonderful people with whom to connect. You will be in great company as you explore your creative side and whittle away some "myths" about yourself thereby freeing you to expand and let your inner light bloom into fullness.

Join Uma Joy and Niccole Blaze


a 4-day creativity retreat - painting infused with the beautiful music of

Niccole Blaze

Gather in the private studio of Uma Joy...experience a guided 13-step painting process of creating your own personal painting while having time to integrate personal connections with your Muse and Inner Light . 

Uma Joy and Niccole Blaze team up to bring you the best in art and music leaving you with a feeling of renewed self-assurance and friendships that could last a lifetime! Connecting with your inner creativity in the safety of others on the same path will reignite your flame! Join us!

Here's what's happening:


Niccole Blaze and Uma Joy are coming together and would love to have you join us!

WHAT are we inviting you to?

Connection, creativity, exploration, awakening and fun

WHY are we inviting you?

You are ready to live life to the fullest, to commit to deepening your relationship to yourself, life and others alongside like-minded, passionate beings wanting to do this together in the beautiful magical, powerful, sacred lands of Taos, New Mexico.

WHEN are we taking the BRUSH to the canvas and MUSIC to our Heart and Soul?

Thursday, July 6 at 5 pm through Sunday, July 9 at 1 pm

WHERE are we Gathering?

Uma Joy Healing Art Studio/Musea Taos on Tierra Luminosa, in Taos, New Mexico (directions upon registration)

HOW will this be delivered?
We will meet in person for 4 days with painting, music, Red Thread Circles, journaling, play, campfires, nourishing meals, time for relaxation and integration.
We will provide all the art materials needed - you are welcome to bring your brushes and a journal if you have ones you like, though we will have them here for you as well. We will provide snacks and meals.


The ticket for this 4 day workshop is $1247 (materials and meals included)

If in need of a scholarship, a $100 savings is available at check out with code ShineON.

You are already complete, whole and wonderful. With guidance, compassion and support, you will breathe deeper, stand taller, and dial your compass to your true North.

Are you ready to say "YES!"?

YES!  I want to join  and connect!

'Held by Her Ancestors - True to Her Heart' by Uma Joy

About the Shine On Experience

By joining this retreat you will:

  • CONNECT - with your inner SELF and that beautiful light within, community, Mother Earth, and your creative nature;
  • DELIGHT in the connection with other beautiful Beings in the magical place of Taos, New Mexico
  • EXPLORE your relationship with your True Self
  • FIND your inner voice and Shining Light
  • CREATE your 'artifact' of a painting that says "yes I was here and I did the work;"
  • DISCOVER how and why you want to show up in this world - for yourself and with others; and
  • EXPERIENCE a sense of connection as you drift into the beautiful music of Niccole Blaze as her music deepens the explorations of the theme

Are you Ready to let your Light SHINE?

What is this 'Intentional Creativity®' we speak of?

It's simple yet so profound. Intentional Creativity® means we create with Intention. Whether we are making a cup to drink from, planting a garden, making music or painting a painting, - we deliberately put our thoughts, intentions, and love into the creation. 'Creating with intention' is a process that Uma will skillfully bring to the table to support you in bringing this concept into your painting process and into your life. We use it with each step of the process to access internal information and to connect with - and perhaps change - old stories. We will combine the music and the painting to deepen this process.

You don't need to know anything about it, you don't need to be a great painter - all that is requested is that you show up with an open heart and mind to meet yourself and to let your Inner Light Shine On! - your Muse guides you the rest of the way and we will be there supporting you too.

Enjoy Gathering in the Magical Taos Mountain Region

Sunset from Tierra Luminosa

View while working the garden at Tierra Luminosa

Trail Rim of Rio Grande Gorge 20 minutes from Tierra Luminosa

A favorite hike 15 minutes from Tierra Luminosa - the Slide Trail down to a tributary of the Rio Grande

This retreat will be held in a private studio on the land "Tierra Luminosa" near Taos - sacred ancestral land of the Anasazi, Navajo, Apache, Pueblo (Taos Red Willow), Hopi, and Ute. We will hold activities in the newly completed Uma Joy Healing Art Studio / Musea Taos. We will gather together in circle each day and make connection with our process, each other, creativity, music and journaling while having time for relaxation, yoga, meditation and surprises as they arise. Ritual will help us connect with what is Sacred as we experience the Divinity within our hearts.


Each participant will have their own space with an easel, paints, brushes, and canvas provided. (You are welcome to bring your own special tools if you wish as well.) Journaling will be encouraged and a journal will be provided (or you may choose to bring your own).

Yummy nutritious meals will be served along with snacks available. (Please let us know of dietary restrictions and needs.)

Space is available for 12 participants - register early to save your place.

When we practice loving-kindness and compassion, we are the first to profit. RUMI

Give yourself the gift of healing and being the ‘story-teller’ of your own precious life…

Held in the sacred container of community, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Activate your imagination
  • Listen to your heart
  • Be guided by your inner Muse
  • Awaken your Creative Heart
  • Connect with the Light within
  • Deepen your experience through the words and melodies of music

Gently guided by two Heart-Centered women, Uma Joy and Niccole, you will be provided with all the art materials needed. You will be supported and given step-by-step demonstrations of the process as you create your own unique painting. These will include writing prompts, meta-cognitive drawing, meditation, and visualization with ritual woven throughout. Music will be interspersed throughout the retreat to deepen the experience and awareness that is arising within.

Heart painting by Uma Joy

Uma Joy will share the process of Intentional Creativity® as taught to her through the Color of Woman training offered by Shiloh Sophia.
With the belief that we are all creative beings, she will offer guidance and share tools that will help you access the beauty of your Muse.

Niccole Blaze will play guitar and sing songs that will tie into the process and inquiry that we are working with.

Using the theme of Shining our Light (Shine On), together, we will: 

  • Explore self awareness and how we tend to our own mind, body, and souls;
  • Explore how old stories may be running in the background of our minds and how we can transform those old stories;
  • Examine our connections to the earth and our place in the web of life; 
  • Gain awareness and give voice to our own unique Truth and Light;
  • Create a unique painting that expresses the beauty of our own hearts. 

July 6-July 9, 2023

(all times are listed as Mountain Daylight Time ) 

Thursday, July 6, 5 pm-9 pm

Friday, July 7, 8 am -9 pm

Saturday, July 8, 8 am - 9 pm

Sunday, July 9, 8 am - 1 pm

There will be plenty of time throughout the day for rest, self-reflection and walks.

Evenings will be flexible with opportunities for a campfire circle with music, stories, reflections, connections and sharing.

There will be options offered for personal massage during the breaks or evenings. Contact Uma for more information or to reserve your spot!

~Thomas Merton

An Invisible thread

Connects those destined to meet,

Regardless of time, place, or circumstance.

The thread may stretch or tangle,

but never break.

-Ancient Chinese Proverb.

Meet Niccole Blaze and Uma Joy

Niccole Blaze

“May my songs open your heart, shine a light where it is dark, and sing you back ‘home’ again!”

Niccole's intention in the music she creates and performs is to allow herself and others to ponder places of the heart, mind and spirit.  She states "We are from the light and can elevate our frequency through songs, standing in our unique power of authenticity, and connecting through art and creativity."

Niccole Blaze has been a certified educator for over 30 years earning a BA degree in Physical Education and Health from Eastern Washington University. She has taught in the public sector  (9-12 grade) and worked in the private sector for an emotional growth treatment program and residential school called Rocky Mountain Academy (RMA).  At RMA she facilitated many group sessions, led outdoor hiking, biking, back-packing and cross-country ski trips with troubled teens.  She helped create diet and exercise programs for youngsters struggling with fitness and helped break down the emotional blocks that got in the way of success for these children.  Niccole is a body worker, certified in cranio-sacral, body-talk, Rossiter therapy, DNA Vibrational Energy Patterning and Reiki.  She uses an array of modalities to help her clients find "comfort in their own bodies and minds".   Being involved with music, she is a firm believer in the power of sound therapy and vibrational elevation through music.  She has led and taken part in many creative song workshops and gatherings to help fellow artists and beginner song-writers. 

Niccole is no stranger to emotions through music.  She invites you to fall into your center and something about the way she performs and delivers a song, makes you feel at home.  She has been in the music business for over 25 years, playing solo and with different bands.  Her long-standing career formed playing as a duo with bassist Mo Kelly based in Boise, Idaho.  They formed a local popular band called “Blaze and Kelly” in 2004 and have opened for some great artists; Crosby, Stills and Nash, Olivia Newton John, and Shawn Colvin to name just a few! Niccole has created over 9 albums of original beautiful heart felt tunes and currently continues to play and write.   Her drive comes from a soulful spiritual place echoing artists in lyrical fashion to that of John Prine and Martin Sexton, but her vocal ability is akin to artists like, k.d. lang, Bonnie Raitt and Melissa Ethridge. 

Acoustic guitar and sometimes electric guitar, harmonica, and loop pedals are all the tools she uses to invoke a musical experience that may be funny, spiritual or just feel good and grooving.  Unafraid to point her guitar and voice into a cupid arrow, her notes will indeed pierce your heart!

For more information, please check out: or


Uma Joy Mulnick

Color of Woman teacher and IC Coach, Chiropractor, Artist, gramma, and homesteader in Taos, New Mexico

“…Living a life that embodies creating, joy, and love…”

Uma Joy is a 2013 Color of Woman Graduate (as offered by Maestra Shiloh Sophia) and has been teaching and sharing Intentional Creativity® since. She has additionally studied with Mandala Master Paul Heussenstamm.

Uma has been a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, and healing arts practitioner for 40+ years, is a mother to 2 adult children and gramma to 1. She recently moved from the Pacific NW (Portland, Or) to Taos, NM. In addition to teaching workshops and offering retreats, Uma is an Intentional Creativity® Life Coach, works with individuals, groups, and Corporations, and is a member of the Guild of Intentional Creativity®.

She was co-owner of a Yoga Center in Southern California and is still a practitioner of the arts.

“Everything I have done in this life has brought me to this moment. RIGHT NOW! My passion in this life is to share love and increase light in this world. It lights me up to work with people who want to be their full, beautiful SELF. Sometimes, somewhere along the way we can forget who we are, have hidden parts of ourselves, and/or lose our voices. When I see the light return to one’s eyes as they remember their beautiful Truth – my heart and soul have the greatest smile and joy within ME - for them - for us ALL! All beings have the need and right to be seen and heard, to KNOW their value, and to live in their own strength and power. My life’s purpose is to Awaken as fully as I can and to help others to do the same - making our lives the BEST we can make them and leaving this world a better place for all -  in the present and for those that come after us.”

For more information, please check out



A peak into the lives of

Uma Joy and Niccole Blaze

Uma Joy and Niccole Blaze live life with BIG Heart Connections. The world needs more compassion and connection.

While Uma has shared Intentional Creativity® for over 10 years and Niccole has shared her music, stories and life experiences for over 25 years, they have supported and witnessed the amazing discoveries experienced by those around them whether it is in workshops or any other gatherings. These women have continually integrated a life of "doing their own work" into living their lives awakened as consciously as they are able in each moment.

The power of this process through creativity and connection will allow each participant to Shine On! One pebble tossed in the pond has a ripple effect. Each of us are the pebble and the pond.

Last call...

Many of us are seeing the time is now to live in a way that is supportive to ourselves and those around us. We are READY TO SHINE ON!! It is time to reconnect, deepen our compassion, gather together bringing love to ourselves and into this world. Let's do it together!

This 4 day Creativity workshop is $1247 which includes all the art materials needed, meals, and a full enriching retreat. (You are welcome to use code ShineON when you register if you need scholarship help. When you are able to pay the full amount it allows for the ability to offer more scholarships, thank you!)

Intentional Creativity® allows us to connect with the Inner Muse and information in ways that everyday life doesn't, then add beautiful, soul filled, intentional music and the experience deepens exponentially. Let's gather in circle - see and be seen, listen and be heard, send love and feel the love being sent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my questions answered?

Reach out to

Uma Joy -


Niccole Blaze -


Is This Program Right For Me?

This program will benefit anyone ready to connect and create. No special skills are required. Come with open mind and heart and let the Muse do the rest - we'll be here to gently support you.

Are there any prerequisites that I need?

No - all skill levels are welcome.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

This 4 day workshop is $1247 (plus tax) and includes all art materials needed, meals and fun. If you need a scholarship support ($100) you are welcome to put "ShineON" in as a discount code at check out. A payment plan is available upon checkout as well. If additional options are needed contact Uma Joy -

Is There A Refund Policy?

Cancellations requested before June 6, 2023 will be available for a refund less $200 or credit will be applied to future events.. Cancellations after that time will be considered if the space is re-filled.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

Niccole and Uma will be right with you - before and during the process to answer questions and offer support as needed.

Where do I stay?

There are a number of options for housing or rooms in Taos, that are close by:

***If you want a private room or a shared room in a very nice yet cozy small Inn: Desert Flower has themed rooms and is a 5 -7 minute drive from the retreat. Desert Flower Hotel

More traditional inexpensive rooms:

***Hampton Inn Taos: less expensive, 3-5 minute drive from the retreat. Hampton Inn Taos

***A friend has an Airbnb in Taos, Casa de Luz, that has room for 6 people. It is $200 per night (divided by the number of people that stay there). It is about 20 minutes from Tierra Luminosa (where we will hold the retreat).If this is of interest contact Uma 208.315.3777. Sola (bnb owner) will hold this reservation for us until June 10.

***There are numerous bnbs and hotels in the area - they fill up fast so the recommendation is to decide soon.

***ALSO - putting up a tent on Tierra Luminosa (where the retreat is being held) is an option for $40 per night. Contact Uma for this option (208.315.3777).

Bonus opportunities to play longer in Taos

When you travel to beautiful places it is a treat to come early or to stay extra days to really explore such a beautiful place. Uma and Niccole are still working on this section and are open to developing areas of interest. Thoughts and options thus far:

A VERY SPECIAL OFFERING FOR THE FIRST 4 PEOPLE THAT WANT THIS: The week after the retreat Uma and Niccole will be on a 3 day river trip as Uma celebrates (early) her 70th birthday with family and a few friends. There will be a 3 day rafting trip on the Rio Chama. All gear provided. A gentle river (mostly class 1 and 2 - with maybe 1 class 3 rapid) through incredible canyons with amazing scenery. July 14-16. $550. If this is of interest let Uma know immediately as only 4 spots are available.

Hikes along the rim of the Rio Grande, or up Taos Mountain to Williams Lake or Wheeler Peak or down the Slide Trail (there are many options).

An easy float on the Rio Grande about 20 minutes from Tierra Luminosa in Rubber Duckies (FunYaks - Inflatable Kayaks) - very calm water - totally easy for beginners, beautiful scenery, the FunYaks are about $55 rental - plan on about a 3 hour float - sometimes stopping along the way for lunch.

10,000 Waves - a Deluxe Spa in Santa Fe (1 hour away) - the ultimate integration spot for post retreat - stay over or day use only. 10,000 Waves

Ojo Caliente - Legendary Healing Waters and deep traditions - 45 minutes away - yummy soaking and food - stay over or day use only. Ojo Caliente

Taos Pueblo - Home of the Red Willow People This is a living Native American community. The multi-storied adobe buildings have been continuously inhabited for over 1000 years. They open their village for visitors when you travel to Northern New Mexico. Truly beautiful and amazing. Taos Pueblo

Or spend a day walking around Taos or Santa Fe - incredible art / galleries / beauty..

Taos Pueblo

Pilar section of Rio Grande - peaceful

10,000 waves

Ojo Caliente