Revealing Soulwork Exhibit

Color of Woman Journey

We gather and we intentionally feast on words, play with pigment and ignite sparks of inspiration served by the Muse, for a year.

We are wild women gathered from lands across the globe, bringing our many voices and many hands to weave our Color of Woman journeys together and alone.

The discoveries are immense, igniting ways of seeing and communicating and teaching that we haven’t fully experienced before.

This feels like remembering; the quest directed by the Alchemical Compass guiding us as we scoop up our tools: brushes, pens, pencils, canvas, Red Thread.

And we remember…this path I started now or 5 or 10, 15, over 30 years ago. And now we are here, teaching, painting, creating, discovering and uncovering our gifts and offerings in a big, BIG way.

We are in communion with the Muse. We have created studio spaces in spare rooms and on dining room tables. It’s an expression of “we matter”.

Some of us are offering our gifts online for the first time; time and space travelling across monitors to guide others in accessing their inner content and bring it out onto the canvas.

Some of us are teaching in person, and some of us are planning to do just that for when the time and circumstances allow.    

Some of us are painting for the first time or in a long time, getting deeply involved in mixing colours and trying out strokes and some are well seasoned artists trying a new approach. 


We are gathering in circle, armed with Red Thread, paint brushes and intentions!   

We are Wayfinders and claiming ourselves as Wayshowers! 

~ Chatelle Jeram, Color of Woman 2021 Graduate and Guild Member

Exhibit Media


Museum Show

One woman claiming her Artist archetype and practicing Intentional Creativity is a Musea in her home, her studio, her community.   

Imagine every woman braving and weaving her Color of Woman journey this year represented by a light on the globe.  

See our world lighting up with a new wave of creators who are showing up, doing the work and expressing their inner beauty and wisdom to be appreciated by anyone who desires to know. 

We are the Ones.  We are here standing with paintbrush in hand and intention in our hearts. Come and see! 

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