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Rare is the gift of grace. The

foreword is the words before the

other words that foretell arrival;

yours; here. Alas, there is no way

to tell the future about a life that

is timeless. The context of which

defies that which one may present

as real in any sense.

Welcome, traveler.

“Sex appeal is 50% what you’ve got,

and 50% what they think you’ve got.”

~ Sophia Loren

Origin Story

About the creation of


Jonathan Andrew McCloud – “Make Me Art” is more than the sum of its parts. It is a space-time fold. What I mean by that is that it transcends time in that it has been in production since 2013 and so it collapses all those years into a moment when you are transfixed and feel that which coursed through me as the artist in the place and time that I also felt it. I hope that viewers will have many moments like this as they witness the work and realize that they also are being witnessed by the show.

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The universe resembles a sacred reciprocity of witnessing. What I mean is that there is never a time when information, data about the world is not coming and going at the same time. We witness what happens, what we feel and see, and are impacted by that. What we fail to notice in that witness is that the external thing that we are taking in is also affected by our observation of it. As Lenore Thomas Straus said, “Do I carve the stone, or does it carve me?” The answer is “yes”.

As you watch the show and each time that you visit it in the future, take the time to realize how it is being informed, evolving from your witness of it. In the years that it has taken its most recent form and shape, the one that you are seeing today, your collective minds, hearts, and voices have been fundamental and beautiful ‘ingredients’ in the recipe used to formulate it.

This is so much more than a Love story. Although it clearly is that too. It’s a storytelling of a Love, of a Devotion, of a Moment … which allows you, as the witness of it, to better understand the “Enduring Legacy” of Intentional Creativity in a way that informs the soul, not just the mind. If this love could come to me, then it could (and does) come to you in the passion, energy, and love that Shiloh Sophia engages the entire world with.

Welcome to MAKE ME ART. I hope, I dream and I wish nothing less for you all than that you also will find my truth’s self-evident. Shiloh Sophia is here to change…EVERYTHING.

Exhibit Media

Heartwood Image

HEARTWOOD is the core of MAKE ME ART, the Exhibition.

HEARTWOOD is a two-volume set of books, also available

in digital format. HEARTWOOD is the opening poem in the

series and is the culmination of the spirit of the endeavor

that has come to become known as MUSEA. Shiloh Sophia

is the “fountainhead” of MUSEA and as it happens, my life.

From her love, kindness, and abundance, she showers her

constellation of gifts to the world and to this man.

HEARTWOOD is a much a place as it is a way of being. It is

a way of putting on, trying out…. a frame of reference by

which I measure out the time of my days in this life. This

series is as much art as it is a love song. I hope that you

understand that it is for all of you by proxy, just as it is for me.

Museum Show


A spoken word and image multimedia creation by Jonathan McCloud featuring images and poems from the Make Me Art book.

*Note: We encourage you to turn up the volume as some of the audio is subtle.*

What Is Color?

What Is Color Graphic

What is Color?

If I told you that Blue was Red, would you believe me? The reason that we see red as blue lies in the reflection of wavelength and the way that our eyes perceive light. Now that you know that Blue is Red, what else can you see?

What is it that you see?

What is it that you see?

Can you see me inside the great expanse of my love for you?

Who writes the future of love?



You, as it were, is also Me. I am a symptom of your love. An artifact that transcends utility.

"Good Morning. I love you." Now that is a caravan of love that I would follow across any desert.

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