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Join us for the story of legendary women from around the world. We invite you to imagine being part of a council in this experience of shared wisdom, wildness, and wonder of these archetypal explorations and the magic of the birthed imagery from each artist."

Curator, Shiloh Sophia

She's a Piece of Work, Shiloh Sophia

About The Exhibit

More than fourteen years in the making, Living Legend, Is the recorded visual history of paintings created during the Legend Course created by the Cosmic Cowgirls. 

Thousands of women worldwide have participated in Legend since its inception in 2008. 

Over one hundred women, some with multiple painting submissions, responded to the open call for art for this very special group exhibit.

This show is more than a collection of paintings…

It is an anthology of stories about personal transformations that have happened because of participation in this one-of-a-kind course, and it’s an opportunity to witness the archetypes of women who accessed their true voices and narratives through a framework of living their most epic Legendary lives.

I AM Light, Juniper Mainelis - Legend 2022

To give viewers a sense of the essence of what went into this collection of paintings, we would like to share the following piece of writing created by the Cosmic Cowgirls known as the 

Cosmic Cowgirls Creed

We are
Women Between Worlds
transforming Lives into Legends
and these are the 13 stands
of our community

We are
Inspired Revolutionaries
We do our own work,
choosing to do whatever it takes
to be truly who we are now
and who we are becoming

We are
Cosmic Connectors
We have been called to gather
in red thread circles,
trusting that our paths have led us
to one another, and this circle

We are
Mysterious Muses
We are feisty seekers,
living from a space of muse-led inquiry
where we gather insights
and take inspired action

We are
Intentional Creatives
We choose to consciously create
through unbridled self-expression,
moving ideas and energy into form

We are
Everyday Alchemists
We embody our capacity
to be at cause for transformation,
collaborating with quantum potential
through art, poetry, dance, and ritual

We are
Dangerous Thinkers
We create our own innovative culture,
challenging systems and paradigms
We are both pattern-breakers and pattern-makers
who stand for freedom for all

We are
Generous Visionaries
We transform our stories into teachings,
seeking to uplift the mythology of our kin,
our families, communities, beloveds, and Earth

We are
Courageous Rebels
We dance between worlds,
weaving the irreverent and the sacred,
taking our own mighty stands
and respecting the stands of others

We are
Blazing Peacemakers
We believe in justice, safety, equality, equity
and care for all living beings
We encourage a global inter-generational circle
that is spiritually and culturally diverse

We are
Unique Individuals
We hold true that each person
has their own information
and a sacred responsibility to their
own piece of the red thread

We are
Legendary Weavers
We are badass mystics, edge-walkers
and mavericks living in the mystery,
who choose to author our own futures
we claim a chosen lineage

We are
Radical Sovereigns
A Cosmic Cowgirl chooses individual insights
and her own creed to live by
We are a community that does not require complete
agreement in order to stand, dance and create together

We are
Wild-Hearted Women
We are born to love!
We choose to be fully self-expressed beings
in this rodeo of the soul!

With our bare feet on the red earth,
our heads in the stars and
our hearts on our sleeves!
And we all said, YAHOOOO!

Wisdom Keeper of Truth by Michelle LaForest Roberts

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Museum Show

We as a community strive to be intentional in our relationship with life, to honor the flora, the fauna, the fungi, the water, the air, the minerals, stories, cultures, traditions and sacred places of the Many Lands in which we find our sense of place and practice Intentional Creativity. We acknowledge with humility and gratitude our interconnection, our place in the cycle, and our sacred responsibility of reciprocation, love, and respect towards our precious and beautiful home, the Earth and all beings.

A Conversation About Choosing to Lead a Legendary Life

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Thank you for witnessinThank you for witnessing the exhibit.
We invite you to leave your comments and reflections below!

Special thanks to: 

Shiloh Sophia, Caron McCloud, Sue Hoya Sellars, and Mary MacDonald for birthing the LEGEND course and empowering thousands of women to find their own voice.

Sarah Mardell and Jenafer Owen for their care in delivering the course to thousands of women over the last 14 years.

Exhibit Page Design and Concept

Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates, Curatorial Design Technologist

Kelly Bonsall, Design CoCurator Coordinator
Jessica Richmond, CoCurator
Maia Lehman, CoCurator
Milagros Suriano-Rivera, CoCurator
Marnie Dangerfield, CoCurator

Exhibit Virtual Presentation

Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates, Curatorial Design Technologist

Collaborative Curation

Shiloh Sophia, Curator

Promotion and Communications

Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates, Maia Lemann, Jessica Richmond, Kelly Bonsall, and Sarah Mardell


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