This exhibit features studio photos submitted by our students during Musea : Intentional Creativity Museum’s first official juried art call. The images are a representation of the many museums that make up Musea, and a way for each artist to make the claim

This art call concept was developed by Curator, Shiloh Sophia.

The show was juried by the Museum Co-Curators:
Jessica Richmond, Margie Bettiol, Tammra Harrison,

Cheryl Ghallagher, Maia Lemann and Amber Gould.

A big thank you to our Musea Collective for your participation and support!

Virtual Show

Part One

Part Two

Exhibit Artists

Carol Fairbanks, Kristin Faigh, Darlene Mondloch, Carmelina Zullo, Sharon Handy, Noni McKinney, Virginia Masson, Johanna Ringe, Rose Shaw, Bette Wappner, Barbara Daughter, Priscilla Kline, Marsha Mees, Elsie Chang, Dawn Karolides, Marium Rothem, Jackie Fowler, Marie Ann Padulo, Bettina Young, Sue Bayley, Valerie Valentine, Marie Aguilera, Lisa Gardner, Lauren Adorno-Weatherford, Anna Maria Michalski, Juniper Mainelis, Emma Manchester, Liliana Garcia, Julie Graber, Marcela Starflower, Moana Whatu, Irene Michaels, Laurie Marshall, Magie Yowell Wilson, Patricia Hansen, Carmen Baraka

MUSEA Wheel with Museum Structure Image

Special thanks to…

Art Call Theme and Creator: Curator, Shiloh Sophia

Co-Curator Art Call Team and Jury:
Jessica Richmond, Margie Bettiol, Tammra Harrison, Cheryl Gallagher, and Maia Lemann

Virtual Show Designer: Amber Gould

Exhibit Design: Amber Gould and Maia Lemann


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