MUSEA Intentional Creativity Museum, in conjunction with our Sacred ECHOES of the Well membership - a Woman of Color sisterhood, is hosting a two-day festival entitled Echoes of Your Sacred Well. This Festival will be hosted by Elders Lauren Adorno-Weatherford and Semerit Strachan, the leaders of our Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color Circle since March 2020.

This experience will feature 12 teachings from 12 different women of color who will express how they use Intentional Creativity to reach the depths of their being to cultivate culture, heritage, and connection with their Ancestors. These women use art as an exercise in consciousness to support their choice to live a sovereign existence in a world that attempts to force upon them a foreign way of being.

You are invited to join us for an intentional look at Ethnicity, Culture, Heritage, Oneness, and Everlasting Sisterhood (ECHOES).

What is in your well? How do you access what is in your well? How do you fill it up?

Bringing the ECHOES of the Sacred Well within you

to the surface.

Do you remember with deep longing stepping into your grandmother’s kitchen - the smells, the bounty, the aroma of favorite foods passed down for generations, the secrets of recipes coming alive… The colors and flavors beckon to you, the dishes in their bright colors that don’t match. The pots are old. The warmth envelops you. There is a dish - and maybe more than one - especially for you.

Is this kind of connection what you have thirsted for? Is this the true nourishment you’ve been craving?

You’ve come to the right table! There are many dishes to choose from. Imagine yourself in a jam session, journaling and experiencing somatic movement - movement that truly honors, energizes and activates your body… Imagine revisiting a dream that you put on the shelf a long long time ago, exploring what happened to it and to you in the meantime. Is it time to bring it to life again?

Imagine receiving and practicing rituals that help you feel at home. Imagine finding a reason to live. Imagine you are searching for a community that brings you ways and tools to sprout your wings, how to weave parts of you in order to feel comfortable in your own skin… you’ve come to the right place.

Is this for you?

Those who have worked with us have left with:

  • A desire to be part of this community
  • A sense of feeling more at home
  • The inspiration that they can make aspects of the life they dream of come true
  • Ease, joy, and comfort
  • Energy to continue the work of crafting themselves and their life
  • A sense that they have found a calling
  • Richness and a sense of pride in their culture
  • Connection with leaders with whom they feel comfortable to show them the way

This 2-day Festival offers 12 presenters who will stimulate your creativity, bring movement into your Path of Practice, and enhance your connection to Ancestral culture.

The Festival will take place LIVE (virtually via Zoom), where you can enjoy the experience from the comfort of your own home, studio, and surroundings.

May 6th & 7th, 2023

6 am HST | 9 am PST | 12 pm EST | 5 pm CEDT

Next Day 2 am AEST | 4 am NZST

How could your life improve if you had the tools to express your true authentic self?

The time is now! Women are stepping forward and making their creative mark, changing themselves and the world around them. We are doing this together and invite you to join us.

You are invited to join 12 women of color in intimate conversation with their Elders about their life-changing creative teachings.

Each conversation will include a movement and/or creative activity that will activate the expression of your own gifts.

"In this circle, I was so inspired to re-engage in my life and all I could become. In many ways, I was shown that it could all happen with ease. Playing with other sisters, feeling a true sense of belonging, I am left with a desire for more." ~Anonymous

Reserve Your Complimentary Tickets

As you reserve your tickets, if you are so moved, additional donations are welcome. No amount is too small.

Here are some snapshots from our Sacred ECHOES of the Well Presenters. Come join us!

How do you access what is in your well?

How do you fill it up?

The Echoes of Your Sacred Well Festival is a 2-day, 12-presenter, creative experience brought to you by a Women of Color community who seeks to guide you toward your answers to these questions.

It’s an exciting virtual marketplace…and it’s all for YOU. It’s your choice! Maybe you are up for just one life-changing session. Or maybe you are drawn to create a retreat to enjoy a variety of dishes that form the container for as little or as much transformation as you are ready to embrace.

Is it time for you to carve out a couple of hours, a half-day, or a full two days to discover more of yourself through the medium of creativity?

A variety of Women of Color presenters will bring forward their life experience, their stories, their teachings, and their gifts to YOU because the time is NOW! The planet needs the voice, the teachings and the images of women of color.

When you come to this vibrant marketplace, you are welcome to walk around and sense what catches your eye, what’s appealing to your senses or your soul, what music grabs you... Go to that booth - spend time with that person, become inspired. Maybe learn how to make the thing that caught your eye.

When you leave there, it’s with the sense of being drawn to the next booth calling your name. You might have come in just for a taste, or just to browse. But now you realize that this marketplace is so full of relevant soul stirring offerings that you want to spend the whole day! And you do.

Invest In Yourself...

Tickets to the Festival are complimentary; however, donations of any amount are appreciated. Your donation will assist MUSEA Intentional Creativity Museum, a 501c3 non-profit organization, to continue its mission and purpose. Their purpose is to bring the artwork and voices of women around the world to the forefront. Fifty percent of artists are women, but only 2% of women are represented in museums and galleries. MUSEA seeks to shift that paradigm through its efforts.

Reserve Your Ticket

Enjoy the Festival on Your Own Time

For those who may be unable to join us live, we are offering access to all of the recorded presentations. In addition, many Presenters have provided a free gift for you as their Thank You for your patronage. Access the recordings and gifts - available for 3 months following the Festival - all for just $37!

Access the Recordings for 3 Months

Milagros Suriano-Rivera, Anasuya Isaacs, Marcela Segal, and Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates at MUSEA Center

What becomes possible when you choose to work with us through this Experience?

  • Your creativity blossoms.
  • You gain confidence.
  • Your imagination gets sparked.
  • You realize that you are an artist.
  • It becomes an incredible journey.
  • You are drawn to regular connection with us - daily, weekly or monthly - through a common Path of Practice (Intentional Creativity).
  • A huge bonding experience is realized that crosses the generations.

The qualities you acquire can spread to other areas of your life, like work or school.

These qualities include:

  • Focus.
  • Following visual instructions.
  • Following inner guidance.
  • Being / becoming a self starter.
  • Developing a sense of sisterhood and community.

We are addressing the world challenge of loneliness and isolation!

The World Health Organization has named loneliness a public health problem. We propose to fill the void of isolation and loneliness with the Festival's marketplace. In the aftermath of COVID, we are still recovering from a sense of isolation. By coming together in creative pursuit, we will build bonding, self-confidence, inspiration, and meaningful community.

Who/What qualifies us to offer this to you?

We are Women of Color who have lived our lives connected to our people and culture, each in our own way. We have turned to creativity to enrich and expand our capacity to inspire, build, and transform our communities. Whether in our close or extended family, in our community, or in a broader circle of influence, we are agents of change.




“While we might feel small, separate, and all alone, our people have never been more tightly tethered. The question’s not if we will weather this unknown, but how we will weather the unknown together.”

~ The Miracle of Morning by Amanda Gorman

Festival Presenters


  • Mystic Midwife, Conscious Channel for MotherGod & the Black Madonna, Spiritual Counselor, Writer and Painter. Anasuya combines her many gifts into healing experiences that shift grief, trauma, and shame. She facilitates experiential programs that ignite the sacred alchemy between theater, poetry, song and art to transmute trauma and systemic oppression in several countries.


  • Author, Artist, Educator, Coach - Weaver of Wisdom... Sumaiyah is the Executive Director of the MUSEA Intentional Creativity Foundation and one of the Member Engagement Team Leaders for the Sacred ECHOES of the Well sisterhood. She uses the art form of weaving to interlace the threads of her BEing into the Fabric of Her Life. Sumaiyah teaches how to apply the principles of Intentional Creativity to many different art forms, weaving its healing salve into all aspects of life.


  • Chatelle is a certified Intentional Creativity Coach & Teacher and an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner based in the United Kingdom. She is a Wellness Coach and a guide. Chatelle enjoys collaborating with others on their path of nurturing themselves and designing a life they love. She has chosen to not remain entwined in ancestral trauma and oppressive structures.


  • Semerit is the co-founder and Elder facilitator of the Sacred ECHOES of the Well Circle. Since 2013, she has grown and been nourished in Intentional Creativity. Semerit is an Elder in the African community in Minneapolis, MN, and worked nationally and internationally as a medical doctor for 40 years prior to her retirement in 2018. As a Life Coach and artist, her passion lies in facilitating women
    —particularly of African heritage—to access their Soul dreams through painting, drawing, movement and reconnecting to cultural symbols.



  • Lauren is an Afro Latina, a proud Puerto Rican rooted in the legacy of the African Diaspora. She hosts artist circles for black and brown women and is a Co-Founder and Elder facilitator with the Sacred ECHOES of the Well Circle. She considers her work Medicine for the Soul. International Travel, shamanism and creativity are her lifeline and sacred work. Currently she is living an intergenerational family life; bringing her mother and grandchildren to the canvas. Her deepest desire is to make her ancestors smile by leaving strong feminine
    images as her legacy.



  • Paula was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and moved to Berkeley to attend University where she degreed in Fine Art and Law. Her art has always reflected both her personal history and her concerns with cultural/political issues. Now her major concern is to provide safe, sacred places for Elders to share their stories with words and pictures. She has used her Red Thread Guide training to lead such circles called My Telling. She has also created a deck of Ancestor Wisdom Healing Cards collaging vintage family photos and inspired by both of her beloved grandmothers.



  • Accountant (CPA exam in process) Permaculturist, (Sustainable Living Design Systems), Visionary Painting in Soil Biology and Cosmos (in progress). Medical Professional, specialising in Addiction Recovery. Over 20 Years of A to Z Healing ARTS Studies, specializing in Sound and Distance Healing.



  • Cheryl is a certified Holistic Healer and Crystal Master and is attuned in Reiki. She is a Red Thread Guide and a member of the Journeywoman Guild. Cheryl finds joy in photography, art, existential knowledge and mystical spiritual pursuits. Her passion is bringing together various areas of interest in an artsy, esoteric fantasy novel composed of prose and pictures - “We are Beings of Light and Dark: A Philosophical and Spiritual Exploration of the Meaning of Life”.



  • My creativity was inspired by my grandmother who taught me how to crochet and embroider and my mother who taught me how to sew. In college, I took creative classes such as African mask making, batik, and Afro-Haitian dance. My most formal art training was the Color of Woman course with Shiloh Sophia. The experience has been most rewarding because it’s not only about art but also life. As a mental health advocate for black woman, it is my goal to bring art to disenfranchised communities.



  • Isabelle Guzman-Stark, she has been a minister of Spiritual Science for 15 years, she enjoys teaching and helping women to connect with their spirituality, their bodies, their sensuality. She facilitates women's circle. She is a bilingual woman and her roots are Venezuelan, and dancing to the beat of the drums is her signature. She is a intuitive healer, holistic herbalist and loves gardening. She is a curandera and uses her psychic gifts to guide others to find their path. She specializes on interfaith weddings, ceremonies and tarot readings.



  • I am a Haitian-African American. I am a mother of four, step mother of one, a grandmother and great grandmother. I became an ordained Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister in 2012. My soul work is assisting women who have been repressed, oppressed, suppressed and depressed in becoming whole by tuning into their true nature and finding their voice. I am a Color of Women Teacher in Training, Red Thread Circle Guide in training and a student at Musea University. I am also a member of Sacred Echoes of the Well through Musea.



Milagros Suriano-Rivera is a multi-media artist and Color of Woman Intentional Creativity® Teacher, as well as the Vice President of Programing for the Intentional Creativity Foundation. She has become a beloved presence ambassador of Intentional Creativity for MUSEA through her leadership in Hearth Tending for the community. As a multimedia artist she loves creating works in mixed-media, paper clay, and paper jewelry.  Milagros has been showing up in true authenticity, holding space, witnessing, leading community circles, supporting our student body, as well as being a voice of inspiration for our Sacred ECHOES of the Well Women of Color Circle.