In 2016 we founded the Intentional Creativity Foundation 501(c)3 so we could bring our community independent media centering on the arts of women. Today we are inviting you to Participate OR Contribute to our Vision.

Activists and Supporters of Artistic Expression are invited to join Curate Shiloh Sophia and Sacred Echoes of the Well – our Black, Indigenous and Women of Color and Culture Sisterhood for the

Arts of Justice, a Global Gathering (available to view for 6 months).

On June 3 and 4 in Sonoma we had a historic event with Alice Walker and Pratibha Parmar live!!! We know not all of you could attend, so we created this highly curated virtual gathering FOR YOU, our global community. Now it is your turn to say yes to your vision of activism and care, through saying yes to participating with those of us making the deep hard work of justice come to life.

Bringing an event like this to you involves months of volutneerism from Shiloh and Jonathan and a significant personal financial investment. By saying yes, you show us that this work, the work of women in the arts, matters to you. Every dollar that is raised from this event goes towards bringing you revolutionary media.

JOIN US FOR A Daylong Experinece with ARTS OF JUSTICE TO:

+ Engage in Equity, Intentional Creativity, and Allyship

+ Watch 3 life-changing films by Award-winning Filmmaker

Pratibha Parmar of Kali Films with Alice Walker

+ Circle up LIVE with our BIWOC Leadership

+ Watch a film curated from footage from the Living The Truth Sonoma Event featuring Pratibha and Alice

+ Make an Arts of Justice Poster with Shiloh Sophia and Lauren Adorno-Weatherford about what you REALLY care about in the world. You will make an arts poster inspired by YOUR activism. No experience needed!

+ Guided journey to access what matters to YOU the most and put it into action!

++ Recieve instant access to Shiloh Sophia’s interiew with Alice Walker AND a film with Alice Walker and Sue Hoya Sellars

Living the Truth - Sacred ECHOES Presentation

Please read this:



You do not need to attend live.

All will be provided to you. This is our most common question: What if I am not available on that date?

SO we are addressing it now – you do not need to attend live to engage with the materials and invest in a vision that centers on the voices and art of women.

Learn More: Arts of Justice

If you do not wish to attend the event but you want to invest in the future of our work, 100% of your donation in any amount goes towards furthering our vision of centering women in the arts, a link is on the gathering page here.

Arts of Justice Graphic

Arts of Justice Virtual Daylong Class

Tuesday, July 11

Multi-media Presentation: Zoom + Livestream + Recorded Films

(Watch the Arts of Justice media within 6 months)

Shiloh Sophia in conjunction with MUSEA’s Sacred ECHOES of the Well Sisterhood come together to continue our activism work for artistic expression.

Shiloh Sophia Signature Graphic


Dear One,

I am still finding it challenging to find the words and emotions for the event we had on June 3 and 4 in Sonoma featuring and celebrating the work of award-winning Film-maker Pratibha Parmar and Alice Walker at the Sebastiani Theater. It was a dream coming true. A culmination of something that has been stirring within me for 30 years.

When I was in my twenties I saw a film that informed my art and activism that changed my life, Warrior Marks. I wanted to bring this film to my community and I did, with the collaboration of Sonoma International Film Festival, Jonathan and the Black, Indigenous and Women of Color at Musea’s Foundation, we did it. With Pratibha and Alice’s yes, we did it!!! We brought Warrior Marks back to the big screen in our town of Sonoma along with two other films, A Place of Rage featuring June Jordan and Angela Davis and Beauty in Truth: Alice Walker. All of this was to a backdrop of art, and music, featuring Rashida Oji who will also be with us LIVE on July 11.

We know many of you were unable to attend live so we have brough the EVENT to you as a Global Gathering! The curation to bring this to you has been EPIC! In fact on Monday Shiloh Sophia is working all day with the documentarian director who took the footage from the day to bring YOU a mini-documentary of the day so you TOO can hear Pratibha and Alice speak at the Sebastiani Theaterl And Shiloh’s talk about her big ‘why’ for doing this work. As well as the AWARD from SIFF an MUSEA and a $5,000 grant MUSEA IC Foundation provided for Pratibha’s work going forward.

Shiloh Sophia presenting award to Pratibha Parmar
Sue Sellars and Her Mom

I was raised with a family of activists, this is my root system. Well here is a photo with timing you just can’t make up. Last night as I was working with Sumaiyah on this letter, my cousin Bridget sent me this photo of Sue and her mother Janet, and our friend Joyce – it was 1974 – look in the upper right – that’s the Sebastiani Theater!! MY ACTIVISM FAMILY IS RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF THE SAME THEATER close to 50 years ago!!! Timing. Connection. The field at work. This is evidence enough for me to believe I am being guided, loved and supported.

And yes, I do doubt it, sometimes, because keeping the faith in arts and activism is just a lot of work. Anyway you want to think of it, as glorious as it is, for me it is also an act of bizarre devotion a continued choice for community. I say bizarre because I am called by something much bigger than personal self and have endured an amount of discomfort in this work that I sometimes question – WHY am I doing this lol? But then, this is why. Because of events like Arts of Justice and because of the Sacred ECHOES of the Well, our Black, Indigenous and Women of Color and Culture Sisterhood at MUSEA, founded in 2020 and going strong. We may be one of the few museums in the world with a group membership just for Women of Color. We say culture too – because we know the work of activism and reparation has so much to do with culture!

So dear ones, thank you for caring. Please feel free to share this event too – We all need more awareness, awakening and inspired activism.

In closing how I feel is that I hope I have made my mamas proud of me. And i hope you will consider joining with us to uplift the voices and images of women. We are 50% of the artists of the world but enjoy less than 3% of the market share in terms of exposure, galleries and museums. I know that is all changing, slowly. Like Andrea Dworkin says: Why are you so slow?. I am not moving slow however. I am moving powerfully in the direction of the world I know is possible, as shown to me by my own family.

with love and hope flowing,
Shiloh Sophia

Shiloh Sophia, Pratibha Parmar

Shiloh Sophia, Pratibha Parmar, Alice Walker, Ginny Krieger from SIFF and Shaheen Haq
at Musette Atelier on the Sonoma Plaza


Arts of Justice is based on our in person event, Living the Truth on June 3 and 4. MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity along with Sonoma International Film Festival had the distinct privilege of welcoming renowned filmmaker Pratibha Parmar and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker to the Sebastiani Theatre. Shiloh Sophia and MUSEA’s Sacred ECHOES of the Well Sisterhood are continuing our activism work in artistic expression through the upcoming Arts of Justice Virtual Class, being held on July 11.

The day’s event will lead with an opening Zoom circle (optional) hosted by the leadership of the Sacred ECHOES – MUSEA’s BIWOC group – in conversation on justice, creativity, women’s rights, race, and allyship.

We will together watch footage from the June 3 and 4 event throughout the day. As well as have the gift of Rashida Oji’s music to serenade us. Then Shiloh Sophia and Lauren Adorno-Weatherford will join us via Livestream as we activate our stand for justice through the creation of a poster that represents YOUR stand, what you really care about.

The Arts of Justice event culminates with a closing Zoom circle by the Sacred ECHOES membership to celebrate our stance and victory over oppression by the over cultures which attempt to suppress women in the arts’ voices.

We invite you to join us for this momentous occasion and take your stand for artistic expression.

Sacred ECHOES of the Well Members

Shiloh Sophia and members of the Sacred ECHOES of the Well discuss the films’ impact during the Living The Truth Cinema Event held on June 3 and 4 at MUSEA Center in SONOMA, CALIFORNIA

Anasuya Isaacs, Paula deJoie, Lauren Adorno-Weatherford, Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates, and Milagros Suriano-Rivera – Members of MUSEA

In addition to the Livestream and Zoom circles, enjoy curated footage recorded live from events in Sonoma during the Cinema Event weekend that happened June 3 and 4. Including Curate Shiloh Sophia in highlighted conversation over two days with Alice and Pratibha about friendship, justice, resistance, and a look at where we have been and where we are now. Access to these recordings will be available to you for 6 months.

Please join us in creating a memorable and transformative experience. Your presence and supportive participation will play an integral role in the growth and success of our vibrant artistic community continuing to center on the arts of women.