Artifacts of the Future Exhibit

A 3-MONTH SACRED JOURNEY began on Summer Solstice 2020 with over 200 Women
Invited to Create an Artifact of the Future and explore the following concepts…

Painting the Archetype
of Feminine Awakening

Practicing the Art of Gnosis
through Imagination in Action

Discovering a New Narrative
Through Mother Tongue Writing Voice

Alchemizing Hidden Grief and Fear
to Access Emotional Freedom

Stepping Away from Old Paradigms
into New Co-Created Potentials

What Artifacts Will YOU Leave for the Future?

This exhibit features the artwork of women from our Intentional Creativity community who were compelled to say yes to a 3-month CREATIVE SPIRITUAL PRACTICE & HEALING VOYAGE for dedicated travelers only! These paintings are the “ARTIFACTS” the evidence of this voyage to inner space; this experiment of writing to find our mother tongue and discovering our own unique, and internally sourced feminine archetype through painting.  The paintings in this exhibit are the ‘matter-based’ evidence of our process. This evidence is what allows each women who created it to witness the work of her own hands, to allow the brain to believe and become coherent with the personal transformation that has taken place.

This powerful images in this Exhibit inspire the viewer to ask the question – What if the future depends on the story you are telling and the images you are making? What would be different if you considered yourself as THAT relevant and essential? As if what you make with your life and your love actually matters to such a degree that the future will be different without your contribution?  
What if your VERY LIFE DEPENDS on YOU making an artifact which is as true to you as you can get? Think it is impossible? Perhaps that is why it is so compelling… 

Artifacts of the Future

We have always been here.
She has always been here.
And the Artifacts of this exhibit are the evidence!

Participating Artists

Kristine A. Izak

Margo Mateas

Tami Smith-Losey

Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates


Grissel Hernandez

Chriss Wallwork

Leah Hankins

Rosie Mac

Cheryl Michie

Kat Bianchin

Gaul Culley

Trish O’Malley

Kimber Laehle

Haley Watson

Christina Mercy

Sara Morgan

Joy Salyers

Elena Urzi

Ghata I. Engels

Kerry Anne Kendall

Anne Jewett

Paula deJoie

Kyra G. Siebenschein

Sylvia Becker-Hill

Julie Graber

Frances Barker


Virginia Masson

Suzanne Grace Michell

Ally Markotich

Dzenita Delic

Maria Perry

Madhavi Devi

Sally Holt

Gwen Gardner

Donna Papenhausen

Sherri Keikilani Costales-Montuori

Margaret Matos

Juniper Mainelis

Semerit Strachan

Jenafer C Owen

Lynne Cartwright

Susan Kettner

Julie McCord

Squidge Lain

Milagros Suriano-Rivera

Cassielle Bull

Monica Jane Wade

Becky Mackeonis

Moana Whatu

Lauren Catalina Adorno-Weatherford

Leslie Ann McQuaide

Liz Forney

Emma Manchester

Heather Baker

Susan Hubacker

Olivia Marie Oso

Feather Redfox

Nancey Eason

Julie Lynn Ridenour

Enitzaida Rodriguez

Patti Livingston

Annette Wagner

Lesa Williams

Selma Marion Egberts

Lesley Dubroy

Uma Joy

Maree A. Pilling

Tina Llewellyn

Emma Taylor

Joanna Lynn

Sharon Handy

Dena McKitrick

A. Clay

Susan Spangler

Lizz Daniels

Elizabeth Ellen

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